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Paul Ardenne


Agrégé in History, Doctor of Arts and Art sciences, academic, collaborator, among others, of journals Art press, Archistorm (Paris) and INTER (Canada), is the author of several works relating to current aesthetics, in particular and among others: Art, the contemporary age (1997), Art in its moment politics (2000), The Body Image (2001), Contextual Art (2002), Portraiturés (2003), Extreme - Aesthetics of the exceeded limit (2006), Art, the present. Plastic creation at the turn of the 21st century (2009), An Ecological Art. Plastic and anthropocene creation (2018), Helmut Newton, the photographic masculine (2022), Art in joy. Aesthetics of Joyful Humanity (2023, in publication). 

Curator in contemporary art, Paul Ardenne has designed numerous exhibitions in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. He is also a novelist: La Halte, New Age, Sans visage, Comment je suis bird, Belly the Belly and Roger-caught-in-the-earth.

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